Binaural Sound Library

Binaural is a stereo recording technique, one that tries to capture sound as close as possible to the human perception of sound. Binaural recordings create an audio illusion when played back and listened with headphones, making the listener feel as if they are present in the space of the sound recorded, even can create some physical sensations.


Beach Rocks Around my Head – Butterfly Valley / Turkey

Night Beach – Adrasan / Turkey

Crickets at noon – Adrasan / Turkey

Horsebeat by Salzach – Salzburg/ Austria

Runner by Salzach – Salzburg/ Austria


Open field, footsteps

Dolmabahce, Bosphorus – Istanbul / Turkey

City, night time, rain

Taksim Square – Istanbul/ Turkey

Union Square – New York

Prospect Park, Brooklyn – NY


Xmas crowd in Bryant Park, NY

Public demonstration

Beer Garden Ambience, crowd

Behind the falls, – Niagara Falls, Ontario /Canada

Horseshoe, Niagara Falls


Istanbul Modern Museum

Salt Gallery – Istanbul / Turkey

MET Museum, New York

NYP Library, New York

Casino – Niagara Falls, CA

Rotating door, Riverside Cathedral – New York

Organ tuning, Riverside Cathedral – New York

Organ tuning – 2

Organ tuning- 3

Organ tuning- 4

Organ tuning, chords


Street ambience, light traffic

Metro (Subway) – Istanbul, Turkey

F train, Brooklyn – NY

Grand Central Station , New York City

Airplane ( interior , safety Instructions) – San Francisco, SFO

Airplane, take off (interior)


Construction – day

Construction – night